Mt Ellinor

IMG_6569Length: 6 miles round trip

Elevation gain:3,344 ft

Dog friendly

This is not an easy hike. I did this hike as one of my first “back to summer hikes” so I wasn’t in the ideal shape. It starts out relatively easy but as the hike goes on it gets much harder until you make it to the top. The view however, totally worth it.

This is a dog friendly hike, however I did choose not to take my dog because of the large number of mountain goats that are at times known to charge at people and dogs.

This was definitely a memorable trip for me. While hiking up the mountain in 90 degree weather and a pack weighing half my size (bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point) I drank an abundant amount of water, this in turn led me with an urgency to pee. I found what I though was a good spot to hide behind a bush as my friend stood watch for any passer buyers. Before I knew  it,I was being stung left and right, I had pissed right on top of some nest, just my luck. I think I counted 10 bee stings the next day to go along with my abundance of bruises and scrapes from falling down parts of the mountain. I have no coordination what so ever.

Finally after about 2.5 hours we made it to the top and had lunch in what I like to call me “secret spot.” When you get to the top you will usually see a bunch of people standing and taking pictures of the Olympics and Mt Rainier, if you climb down the rocks, right under these people there is what I would describe as a little in cave in the mountain, it’s a perfect spot to have lunch in privacy while enjoying the view. However, be aware that if you do not feed the chipmunks, they will bite you. Yes I am saying this from experience.

I would say that the hardest part of the hike is towards the top. Here you hit a staircase, which feels as if you are going straight up. Take a break if you need it, the mountain isn’t going anywhere. If you can, try to make an early start, foot traffic gets heavy towards the afternoon.









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