About me

IMG_6573.JPGI’m a 25 year old nursing student, employee, and single dog mom. I’m always on the go and looking for another adventure. Unless The Walking dead is on, you won’t see me parked in front of a tv. I have hiked all over the PNW, I’ve also done some hiking in Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, a little wandering around Hawaii. I’ve hiked, camped, and gold panned in the awesome state of Colorado. Iv done two trips of white water river rafting in Oregon and Idaho, and I must say the rush is amazing. I believe in living life to the fullest, no excuses.

My next big adventure will be at the end of August, I will be going to New York and then hopping on a plane and exploring the islands and hiking through the tropical rainforest of the Caribbean.

I have the best adventure side kick a girl could ask for, my dog. Marley is a 3 year old lab, shepherd and pit mix. I got him in a Rite Aid parking lot, apparently no one wanted the “runt” but he turned out to be the best damn dog. I trained him myself, whenever we go out on hikes, I always get complements on how well he behaves. He impresses me on every hike, and the amount of trust he has instilled in me is amazing. I have had him follow me in, over, under, and through things most people wouldn’t do. Wherever I go, you can be sure Marley is right behind me.

I’m the type of person who falls in love with anyone who shows me a piece of their soul. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. Could you imagine how different the world would be if people stopped wasting time judging each other and used it to learn about others? How different our opinions of each other would be? Most people see someone on drugs, and instantly they are reprimanded, judged, shutout, deemed “less important” by society, but I can almost guarantee you, if you could read their thoughts, you would be in tears.

I have met some people with amazing stories and I’m always inspired by their strength to keep moving forward. I was honored with the opportunity to hear the story of a Holocaust survivor. I can tell you that sitting face to face with someone and hearing their personal testimony, seeing the number that once “identified” them, is something you can never get from reading a history book. I was also honored to meet one of my favorite actors and hearing his story of his struggles and obstacles he was faced with being an open gay actor in a time when society judged so harshly. I wish I had time to tell the stories of all the amazing people I am fortunate enough to have met. Everyone who has been a part of my life and who has shown me a piece of their soul, will always go with me, inspire me, to not only be a better version of myself, but to judge less. Everyone has a story, listen, you may actually learn something, and you may be amazed at their vitality.

I hope you enjoy this blog and take the time to see the world before it completely goes dark.


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